Don’t go down to the swamp, little lass,
Don’t venture past the wall,
‘Cause who knows what you’ll catch, little lass,
From the dreaded Midnight Gobbersnatch…
The Wickerwitch comes and the Wickerwitch goes,
Just what she’s after, nobody knows
But you best be careful not to step on her toes
Or she’ll cast a spell and send you into a doze…
Can you smell that, little one?
Past the trees over yonder,
A delicious meal’s a-cooking
In the House of the Hopperkin…
With a word and a whisper,
Wave the wand above the book,
Spin the magic into a twister,
And summon forth the Nabalok…
Deep in the dark,
Down in the damp,
Deadly and dastardly,
the Cochatripe dines…
From the bogs and barrows,
Under logs and in shallows,
Accursed by a Witch’s ruling,
Beware the Frollagritch’s drooling…
When a merry It tires of its times of play,
A miniscule Sprog leads It home for the day,
There It sleeps for long months at a time,
Finally It awakes to sing its songs and rhymes…
A shining flame on high,
Falling down from the sky,
With a clunk and a trot,
Here comes the Astarot…
A light touch and lighter fingers,
Relieves you of your purse;
In amongst the thieves and singers,
The Robba-Womp’s haul dispersed…
It can’t be leashed,
It can’t be chained,
It slips through bonds,
Like light in the rain.
‘Tis why we never accept
A Gastershire’s Bet,
‘Tis why we never upset
The Gastershires’ Pet…
Tonight the stars dance,
And in their midnight trance,
With blood on its hands,
The Ackruell commands…
Take a dive deep down,
You’ll see something profound:
Majestic and Magnificent
Come! Witness the Wollifont…