Original characters made for various Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaigns. Drawn 2016 – 2018, so you can see the changes in art style over the years fairly clearly.

First D&D 5e character. Alvyn Fizzlebang. Gnome Fiend-Pact Warlock. Pyromaniac. Tinkerer. Hoarder of magic items. Died in a tragic excursion into the mountains by being trampled by Stone Giants.
2nd D&D 5e character. Warforged Wild Magic Sorcerer. Former Chef in the army. Spells themed on meals. Nicknamed the “Grill Sergeant”. Lived to tell the tale of their expedition into the Lost Mines of Phandelver.
3rd D&D 5e character. Twelve Gardens. Tabaxi Arcane Trickster. Candlekeep Scholar. Discovered the extensive usage and usefulness of belts. Nicknamed “Eight Belts” for her… well, eight belts. Died in an accident involving pickpocketing a necromancer and failing.
4th D&D 5e character. Viska Greysworn. Undying-Pact Warlock. Mother was a witch-hunter, father was a warlock. Parental issues. Friendly with undead. Ironically died in an accident involving a ziggurat-like structure full of undead, a powerful wizard glued to a throne, and a giant exploding crystal. Was revived later, but retired to practice her magic in relative secrecy.
5th D&D 5e character. Xzarth the Conqueror. Paladin of Bane the Tyrant. Claims absolute victory over his enemies. Has a squire named Squire. Former Knight of Neverwinter. Still lives.
6th D&D character. Moil. Tiefling of Zariel. Zealot Barbarian. Former Pirate. Seeks karmic retribution, but honestly doesn’t mind crushing a few more skulls. Wisecracker. Still lives, currently adventuring.
7th D&D character. Scribeknight Rook. Former accountant-turned-guard. Shot in the eye while on guard duty, somehow survived. Expert tactician. Extremely miserly. Still lives, currently adventuring.